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New B2B service

We would like to invite you to visit a new release of our cult B2B website, ensuring e.g.:
- ability to browse an image–based offer,
- import of orders and export of invoices to any format, including XML and XLS,
- new opportunities, i.e. mobile application "B2B Domax Skaner" which makes it easier to add items and order right from the rack.

That is not all as we are developing a website module which will enable you to report and track complaints even faster.


New website of VELANO brand

The new website of Velano is a modern, interactive product catalogue!

It is easy to navigate, offers clear product information and interior designs — all that already available at

The changes are aimed at refreshing the image not only in visual terms but also with respect to the philosophy adopted by the brand. Velano starts inspiring — visit to see.


State-of-the art forwarding line for package picking

The second Domax hall, handed over for use in 2016, created an immense potential for facilitating processes in the field of product warehousing and forwarding. The observation of trends and an excelent familiarity with the company's own field enabled to implement optimum solutions with respect to package picking in the company.

The deployments improve the comfort of work, shorten picking time, and increase the process efficiency. What we wanted most was to ensure our customers receive carefully checked orders and this dream came true. The improvements reduced the number of complaints. I believe the project success can be attributed primarily to the high level of process digitisation, said Tomasz Toczek, warehouse manager, adding: you cannot neglect one more advantage of this new line which is the recycled materials used to protect the packagings, making us more "eco-friendly".

Domax is a rolling stone! Over 20 years of the company operations enabled its personnel to gain experience which, when combined with a regular observation of market needs, translates into the development of more and more effective solutions in many areas of the company.


Happy Easter

Dear Partners, may this Easter fills your hearts with love and joy, may all your hopes and good beginnings come true! Have a wonderful Easter!


Engineering knowledge right for the students of the Technical University of Gdańsk

In January, we welcomed mgr inż. Maria Krogulecka with the students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Gdańsk in our company. The meeting, devoted to wood connectors for carpentry structures, was led by DMX connector designer, inż. Krzysztof Rytlewski.

During the meeting, the students got acquainted with DMX Laboratory, observed the damage of the wooden connector for perforated panels PP in the fibre direction and perpendicular to it. Visiting the production hall, they learned the process of producing WB joist hangers with eccentric presses. They also saw the operation of bending brakes, laser machines and steel cutters.

We hope this practical knowledge showed the participants how the carpentry connectors are produced and used in structures. To quote Aristotle: "For the end of theoretical knowledge is truth, while that of practical knowledge is action".


In anticipation of the New Year

A special time is approaching - Christmas, so we want to give our best wishes to you.

We wish all our Customers and all the Domax Friends this upcoming Christmas filled with joy, love and family warmth. We also hope that the New Year will come to you rich in success in both your professional and personal lives.

The DOMAX Team


We support students in their ambitious projects – building a vehicle driven with compressed air

Students from "Mechanik" Research Club at the Technical University of Gdańsk debuted in Pneumobil competition in Hungary. They won a bronze medal in the category of the best acceleration of vehicles driven by compressed air. The competition, organised by Bosch Rexroth, was held in May 2015 in Eger.

The Club President at that time, Jakub Łaga, contacted Domax some time before leaving for Hungary, requesting assistance when building the vehicle. Technical Director, Mirosław Łoboda, got involved in the technical consultations of this extraordinary project. Motor components, using such processes as milling, turning or machining, were produced for the vehicle. Domax team helped to implement this ambitious plan and... it turned out worthwhile as the students' team won 3rd place among 50 participants from the whole Europe!

"Mechanik" Research Club has had a long tradition. Young people perfect their expertise, using it for performing complicated tasks. This was also the case for the vehicle driven by compressed air.

We would like to congratulate the students on the excellent result and determination!


Domax invests in modern solutions – new production & warehousing hall

In August 2015, the new Domax production & warehousing hall was handed over for use. The building construction started in July 2014 and was completed one year later, as scheduled. The newly created building is located at the company seat in Łężyce.

The project takes the area of close to 4 000  m2, with most of it taken by a warehouse for 6,000 pallet spaces! The new hall offers many benefits, one of the most important for our customers being the guarantee of goods' availability and significant reduction of their shipment time.

When the new hall was designed, the major objective was to increase the warehousing area for DMX, Velando and Grinding products. The number of pallet spaces grew by as much as 4,600 when compared to the previous warehouse. The design of the new hall envisaged also modernisation of the forwarding and packaging section. The building was equipped with an ergonomic warehousing system and cutting-edge solutions automating internal transport. To improve the goods' loading processes, the building got reloading docks and gates. Moreover, the internal roads infrastructure round the facility was reconstructed. To enable transport of large cargo, a manoeuvre yard was created with the area of 2,000 m2. The hall was adapted also to high OH&S standards.

The investment in the hall construction has already brought measurable effects. Commercial Director, Grzegorz Rząd, describes the benefits of transferring to a larger warehouse: "I must admit that after the new warehouse was opened, the punctuality of shipment improved and the number of errors related to the order performance was reduced significantly. A huge asset of the existing warehouse area is the ability to pick the so-called "custom orders" for a specific customer in dedicated areas until their are fully performed. We used to struggle with insufficient accessibility of goods while with the current area we stand a chance of improving the availability of our products significantly."

The second hall floor, besides office and sanitary rooms, has also a room for displaying fully loaded racks. To enable each customer visiting the company to get acquainted with a wide offer of Domax in detail, the connectors, screws, hinges, shelves and other products of DMX and Velano brands will be displayed soon on the area of about 100 m2.

This is not the end of Domax investments as future plans envisage adapting larger area for DMX connector production and extending the machine park.


Internet Creator for carpentry connections has been launched

Together with the beginning of the construction season 2015, we have started the Creator for carpentry connections DMX®. Under the address we place the practical tools developed by our experts, these tools will help you with fast and easy design of the timber - timber connections while using DMX connectors®.

The first tool is used for a connector selection based on the information provided by a user. The connector is adapted to the beam arrangement, their dimensions and occurring loads. The work on other tools is still going, and the main purpose for creation of such contents is the desire of sharing over 20-year experience in the carpentry connectors construction and specialist knowledge in this range with anybody who needs it. At the same time, we are doing our best to make the method of presentation as convenient and consistent with the market trends as possible, therefore the creator operates as commonly available interactive Internet tool.


This is the another Business Gazelle Award for DOMAX!

The increase in DOMAX income up to 123% has been provided thank to the prestigious award – Business Gazelle 2014. The president of the company - Mr. Marek Dobrowolski was given another time the granted statuette during the exclusive award ceremony in Gdynia.

Under the auspices of the reputable daily Puls Biznesu since 2000 there are created the rankings of the most dynamically developed small and medium-sized companies. Coface Poland on Puls Biznesu order verifies the financial results of the companies within 3 last years. The growth of revenue is one of the many qualifying criteria for the Business Gazelle ranking. DOMAX has been honoured with this award for the second time.

It is particularly important distinction for the company, and the fact that it has happened for the second time, fills the whole team with pride even more. For 20 years DOMAX is constantly evolving, expanding the range of its products. At present, the Company has 3 product brands: DMX offering a wide range of connectors to timber, Velano with products for the interior decoration and Grindi decor – offering the decorations for house and garden. Apart from that, the offer includes also the laser services for the construction branch supported with technical consulting. Yet, DOMAX is first of all the indisputable leader in the production of carpentry connectors – each day the tonnes of products leave the warehouse hall to be allocated on the customers' shelves. The Business Gazelle Award proves that DOMAX is an excellently prosperous company that owes its development to the highest quality of the offered products and high culture while servicing a customer on several grounds.

We are proud of our Gazelle and we congratulate other winners!


New image of DOMAX website

New website is a next stage of works connected with the changes in the visual identification of DOMAX company. After changing the company's logotype, the experts have taken up with creating new website so that it would be intuitive, ergonomic and functional to the customers. The scope of works included the creation of website, the image improvement of the website and creation of new platform:, which gives the possibility for creating the rack exhibition.

The website is the company's flagship. Here, there is information on DOMAX mission, about our team and how we achieve our goals. There are placed the links to the DOMAX product brand pages:

 Grindi decor:

Let’s Learn More About Each Other - please visit us.



Create exhibition racks, tailored to your needs. Use the new virtual DOMAX exhibition wizard!

Visit our newly launched website created for our partners -!

Here you will find:
- virtual exhibition wizard - with it you can create an exhibition tailored to any needs,
- principles of cooperation - accurately described principles, step by step how to cooperate with us.

Today you can place any shelves with Domax products and see how they will look in your shop. You must see it!


A new version of the Domax logo

In relation to the rapid development of the Domax's offer and expansion to new markets, we are pleased to present the new logo.

It is a symbol of a new quality, which combines a stability of prices, customers' confidence and rich tradition. It reflects company's aspirations, including professional and fast customer service and innovation of products. The new logo attracts attention with a distinctive yellow square that is present in Domax since the very beginning — it is a clear and modern form with which the company conquers new markets in Europe.

Moving with the times, we have also refreshed the DMX logo. A redevelopment of the brand image is an effect of the development of the DMX products range it reflects the adopted strategy of positioning.

It is a beginning of changes in the corporate identity made by Domax.