The Versatility of Domax Hardened Screws

For use, you don't need to convince anyone for the construction connectors. This is not surprising for such a solution, above all, simple and convenient use speaks.

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R & oacutene types are offered on the market. The dynamic divorce is visible, which translates into new constructions of the product & oacute; into such as carpentry screws, aerated concrete screws and full thread screws.

Domax is one of the leading manufacturer & oacute; in wood connectors. The products offered by the Domax brand have a wide spectrum of use.

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carpentry screws

DOMAX carpentry screws are offered as constructions with a disc (CT) and conical (CS) head. These elements have new shapes while improving the screwing properties. By increasing the thread length by 20 mm, an improvement in the parameter & oacute; W in terms of resistance to pulling and screwing the thread in wood. No less important is the improved shape of the cutter, translating into a reduction in the value of the force needed for screwing. CT screws have a reduced head that improves stretching resistance.

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Full thread screws

Full thread screws in an ore from the screwdriver in partial heads are used in applications requiring a strong and rigid wooden connection. This is how there is no need to assemble the additional connector & oacute; Thanks to the screws with the cylindrical head, the connection is practically invisible. Full thread screws are offered with CPW cylindrical head and conical CPS.

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screws for fastening rafter insulation

WKW and WKT & nbsp; intended for installing rafter insulation (soft and hard) have longer threads. Longer 100 mm screws for rafters and 60 mm testers for counterparts are a guarantee of minimal pressure exerted to insulation material. Elements with WKW cylindrical head can be introduced at any angle in relation to the ground. A larger pressure surface is obtained with high connection strength. Appropriate screws can be easily selected in terms of the thickness of the insulation material.
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distance screws

Retancing screws are very often used even during work related to the renovation of the roof & oacute; with significant faults in the connections. In addition, they are used for fixing and setting the facade vertically. WDS distance screws are based on special rings under the head, thanks to which the material can be maintained and made accurate regulation. Epappellable by this distance between the elements can be changed as a result of turning the screw direction.

The distance screws have a very wide spectrum of use in wooden constructions.

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aerated concrete screws

Thanks to the DOMAX screws designed for aerated concrete (GS and GT), an ideal alternative to traditional assembly is gained using a dype & oacute; in expansion. It is worth paying attention to a simple assembly, which does not require specialized equipment while minimized the risk of damage to the wall. The concrete screws of the comedy mounted are attached without the need for pre -drilling. Thanks to the large surface of the thread, an adequate op & oacute; r before pulling out. Noteworthy is the special anti -corrosion coating made of pad zinc. In this way, assembly can take place inside and outside the building.

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On the durability and strength of the screw & oacute; in the Domax company, the process of strict quality control carried out based on the relevant ETA standards decided primarily. Laboratory tests include checking the moment of screwing, twisting, plasticization, as well as measurement of hardness and tensile strength.

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