New models of plug-in wood connectors in the Domax range

Responding to the increasing interest in garden architecture and the needs of DIY enthusiasts, Domax is launching new models of pocket connectors: GPT, GPX, GPY and GPL. These state-of-the-art connectors are a key component for fast and efficient assembly of wooden structures such as carports, gazebos, pergolas or garden furniture.

Using plug-in connectors, it is possible to use commonly available wood beams, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the assembly work. Specifically designed to meet the needs of outdoor projects, these connectors are characterised by high corrosion resistance. This is achieved through powder coating and additional electroplating, ensuring long-lasting protection and durability of the structure even in the harshest weather conditions.

With the new GPT, GPX, GPY and GPL models, they form a complete system, offering a variety of variants to suit many garden architecture applications. The flexibility of this system allows the connectors to be easily adapted to the specific requirements of each project. In this way, every do-it-yourselfer can find the ideal solution to meet their requirements and help realise even the most ambitious garden landscaping ideas.

Explore our full range and choose the right models to make any garden project not only simpler to implement, but also more durable and aesthetically pleasing. Take advantage of the new additions to our range and see how easily you can transform your garden with Domax products.

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