Neu von der Marke Integri System – Drahtkörbe

The Integri brand is proud to present the latest addition to its range - wire baskets that can be mounted directly into the double vertical rail. These innovative baskets are the ideal solution for anyone who appreciates practicality and aesthetics in space organisation. Thanks to the composite bracket, assembly becomes extremely simple and quick, allowing the baskets to be easily adapted to the individual needs of each user.

Integri wire baskets are characterised by high quality workmanship and durability, which guarantees long-lasting use. Their elegant, minimalist design makes them a perfect fit for any space - from home kitchens and pantries to offices to workshops and garages. Thanks to their open wire construction, the baskets allow air to flow freely, which is particularly important when storing food or other items that require ventilation.

The new Integri wire baskets are not only functional, but also a stylish organisational element. They work great both as a single installation where space is limited, such as on a door, and as a complement to the larger Integri system on the wall. When you invest in these bins, you gain more storage space and order in your environment. Check out our range today and see how easy it is to organise your space with the innovations from Integri!

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